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Ellen DeGeneres

Walk Your Way to Amazing Health

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported on the twelve-year Honolulu Heart Study of 8,000 men. The study was conducted by the Kuakini Honolulu Heart Program (HHP) on the island of Oahu.

The study reports that walking just two miles a day cuts the risk of death almost in half. The walkers’ risk of death was especially lower for cancer.

Walking is a great activity and is one of the easiest ways to…

Four Simple Tips to a Clear and Present Mind

What I’m looking for is not out there; it’s in me.

Helen Keller

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1. Clean Your Hard Drive

W. Clement Stone

Think of your mind as an external hard drive. We speak 140 to 180 words per minute, but we can listen to or store 700 to 800 words per minute. Your hard drive has plenty of open listening space for both the 20 percent positive self-talk and 80 percent negative self-talk you receive every day. You come equipped with the best negative self-talk anti-virus program in the world — use it! You must live with the talk on your hard drive and with the decisions you make. …

19 quick steps to a Skill You MUST Conquer

Jack Welch

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Communication is the number one human characteristic that leads to success.

I’ve spent the better part of my life studying how people communicate with each other. I’m fascinated by how the ability to communicate can make the difference between average and extremely successful. I noticed this when I caddied as a teenager. I listened to the golfers interact and immediately knew who were the attorneys, businessmen, doctors, and leading educators by the way they communicated. As a commissioned officer in the US Army, I saw how the effective communicators moved up the promotion ladder. …

Greg Cheek

Communication consultant, author, stage III cancer survivor, college professor, world traveler living in Germany. Owner, Greg Cheek Speaks

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